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Potatoes are delicious and versatile. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And did you know they can grow in your ears?

Ok, ok. We all know that you can’t grow potatoes in your ears, but the old saying goes, if you don’t keep your ears clean you may sprout a spud! A saying that just helps us remember to keep two of our most important sensory organs clean and healthy. This goes double for your hearing aids.

When you use an in the ear or over the ear hearing aid, it is important to keep them clean so they function properly. Aids are a pricey investment and we want you to keep your investment functioning for as long as possible. There are some helpful tips you can follow to achieve this:

  • Invest in a proper hearing aid cleaning tool kit
  • Keep your ears themselves clean
  • Try to do daily maintenance on your hearing aid devices
  • Avoid situations that could lodge dirt or debris in your ear

There are detailed instructions on how to properly care for your hearing aids here. As well as methods to keep your ears themselves clean in this WebMD article.

We at the Center for Hearing are here for you to answer any questions you may have about caring for your hearing aids. And scheduling a cleaning or hearing assessment is easy!

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