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How We Help With Hearing Health:

Quarterly Hearing Aid Cleanings

Quarterly Hearing Aid Cleanings

 Annual Hearing Screenings

Annual Hearing Screenings

 Hearing Aid Programming

Hearing Aid Programming

 Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

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“The motivation to create the area’s first and only private-practice audiology clinic came from the desire to provide a high level of service centered completely around the specific needs of our patients, while making our services affordable and convenient at the same time. We are dedicated to excellence in hearing health.

Our philosophy dictates that we serve each patient in a Christian and family-oriented environment where personal attention is the norm, not the exception.”

-Dr. Kelley Linton

Our Patients Say It Best!

Danny Y.

“Center for Hearing has always been very good to me in helping improve my hearing. They are always kind and congenial. They set me up with the right hearing aids for me!”

Eva S.

“This is the most caring and helpful place to come for your hearing. They are always friendly! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Awesome place.”

P. Cowan

“Center for Hearing is top-of-the line in their care for their patients. There is genuine concern for their patients, their overall health, their hearing problems, and how best to assist them. All of the personnel care for their patients. You are treated as a real person.”

Jerry H. • Ozark, AR

“I can’t say enough about the service I got from beginning to the end. The staff and Dr. Boyd was the best, I have no complaints. My new hearing aids are perfect, they work great. I would recommend Center for Hearing to everyone.”

Center for Hearing Blog

Wearing a Face Mask with Hearing Aids

With the continuation of having to wear masks in public spaces, it may be increasingly uncomfortable or difficult for individuals with behind-the-ear hearing aids to take face masks on and off. One of the biggest challenges noted is the increased...

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Knowing Your Noises: Hearing Loss in the Everyday

There are certain noises that the majority of people know can be harmful to hearing health. Noises such as a jackhammer on a construction site, planes taking off, fire alarms, and even headphones on a high volume in the ears. But did you know that...

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Speech Reception and Wearing Masks

In the era of wearing masks and staying physically distant from others, speech reception can be increasingly difficult for those with hearing loss. A recent study by The Hearing Review reveals that speech and communication blocked by facial masks...

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