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It’s summer! The days are long and people are looking to fill their time, and what better way to enjoy your summer than to attend events! Concerts are back, crowds are gathering and the world is stretching its vocal cords. You should too! And what better way to make sure you can enjoy these loud events than with some helpful tips to protect your hearing.

Health professionals show concern for repeated exposure to loud noise scenarios and their long-term effects. Some of the most fun activities involve a lot of people and a lot of noise. The average professional baseball game shows that noise levels can reach 91+ decibels, according to NCBI. A concern for people exposed to loud and consistent noise is the potential for permanent hearing loss or tinnitus. Detrimental noises can be found at concerts, sporting events, crowded indoor facilities and dense traffic areas. But there are preventative measures that you can take to enjoy your summer safely!

  • Reduce volume from speakers or other personal music devices
  • Create distance between you and the source of the loud noise
  • Take frequent breaks from loud noise exposure (especially at concerts)
  • Avoid loud and noisy places if possible
  • Use ear protection

Hearing loss is no joke. It can be caused by a one-time exposure, not just from long term exposure. Ear protection is probably your best option to help keep those noise levels down and allow you to stay involved in your summer activities. Kids especially are still developing their hearing, so make sure they are comfortable and protected first! Keep earplugs or earmuffs on your person when you know you will be attending events so you can safely enjoy your summer. The CDC has some tips and more to help you protect your hearing.

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