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Center for Hearing is proud to be the first clinic in the area to offer Cognivue to patients. For November, we’ll be offering this service at no charge to our patients! Cognivue allows our audiologists to screen patients for cognitive decline in just five minutes while you’re already in the office! To take advantage of this limited-time offer, call our office today and schedule your screening within the month at (479)785-3277.

Why Should I Get a Cognivue Screening?

Over time, hearing loss is often linked with a decline in cognitive function. This new technology offers the ability for early detection of cognitive decline which allows for early intervention and proper management. The results gathered from this screening help our team have a greater understanding of your cognitive health while ensuring a hearing-correction solution that is right for you.

Who Benefits from Cognivue? 

Short answer: everyone! Oftentimes, people aren’t aware of their hearing loss because it occurs gradually over time. Hearing is a brain activity so the longer we go without addressing our hearing loss, the more likely auditory deprivation can plague our day-to-day functions. Your ears hear the sounds, but your brain is what makes sense of them. If your hearing loss is untreated and you’re not hearing the number of noises you once did before, your brain is not processing those noises. This can lead to under-stimulation and loss of the brain staying sharp.

Screening-Specific Benefits: 

The benefits of this quick and easy screening allow patients to take control of their cognitive health.

  1. Early Detection – Early detection allows for early intervention and proper management.
  2. Five or Ten Minute Screening – This cognition test is rapid & objective. Results are consistent across all devices and locations.
  3. Tests Key Cognitive Domains – A series of sub-tests used to measure motor control, visual processing, perception, and memory.
  4. Simple Overall Score – A scientific algorithm that automatically calculates a clinical score that’s easy to interpret and understand.
  5. Patient Administered – It’s an easy test for staff to set up and patients to take and easily accommodates medical workflow.
  6. Results and a Report – After results are received, Center for Hearing staff will go over the results with the patient and explain what it means. We will also send the report to a primary care physician or hand them directly to you so you leave with explained results and a physical report.


Taking early action by getting screened may delay or slow the advancement of cognitive decline in the future. It’s important to take care of your hearing health and be routinely screened to eliminate any uncertainty about your cognitive function.


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