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When was the last time you’ve sat down and completed a comprehensive hearing evaluation? Was it in middle school when you, and the rest of your peers, were required to have it done? If so, it might be time to schedule an appointment to have your hearing checked. The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP) recommends the following guidelines for evaluation frequency:
  • 18 to 44 years old → Every five years
  • 45 to 59 years old → Every three years
  • 60 years plus → Every two years
There is a large misconception that hearing loss is only caused by old age, however, it can be caused by many different things. One of the leading causes is repeated exposure to damaging-level noise through headphones, inside concert venues, and/or sporting events. In order to accurately monitor your hearing health, it is best to have an exam in your early twenties so there is a baseline record for the years to come. Having this evaluation done between 18 and 29 years old will serve as your Baseline Audiogram** in which your audiologist can refer back to in the years to come. Along with having routine evaluations, additional hearing tests might be needed if you experience a shift in your hearing ability. Below are some instances that might indicate the need to schedule an appointment:
  • You have trouble understanding all the words people say
  • You often need people to repeat themselves
  • You don’t always hear the entirety of the joke and wonder what people are laughing at
  • You believe that people mumble too much
If you answered “that’s me!” to any of the situations above or haven’t had a hearing evaluation in a while, it’s time to make an appointment. Contact Center for Hearing through our online form or give us a call today! **A Baseline Audiogram is a hearing test that is used as a reference to track changes in a person’s hearing over time. Every year an audiogram is performed it will be compared to the baseline audiogram to identify any possible change in hearing.  
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