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The Grammy-winning American singer, songwriter, and actor Huey Lewis, recently shared about his hearing loss during an interview with Whitefish Review. Lewis discussed how his Ménière’s disease diagnosis — a rare inner-ear disorder that can lead to Vertigo — changed the unique and basic tasks of his day-to-day life. He shared, “In the first two months of this, I was suicidal… I actually contemplated my demise.”

Lewis discussed how his sudden diagnosis ended his touring career. He said the condition distorted the sound frequencies which hindered his ability to hear music well enough to sing. Because of this, Lewis canceled “all future shows.” In his interview, the singer/songwriter stated, “This is now a year and eight months [with the Ménière’s disease diagnosis], and it’s awful. I can’t hear music,” he said. “It’s hard enough to hear speech. But music is impossible.”

This “sudden” diagnosis greatly affects every area of Lewis’ life. From music to enjoying a leisure game of golf, every experience is now altered due to his hearing loss. Although hearing loss cannot be reversed, a Baseline Hearing Test could have helped prevent the sudden severity of his diagnosis.

A Baseline Hearing Test is a vital test to have incorporated into your medical record. Think of it this way: ever since you were a child, you’ve been receiving an annual check-up from your primary care doctor. Why? A yearly check-up gives your doctor a baseline for your health at your current age and the ability to compare your health to previous years. These exams allow your doctor to notice any irregularities, outliers, or concerning areas of your health. The same goes for Baseline Hearing Tests!

Getting a Baseline Hearing Test from Center For Hearing allows your audiologist to see how your hearing is doing at this current stage of life. By having this test on record, you’re setting up your auditory health up for success! From this test, all other annual audiograms can be compared to your initial results, enabling your audiologist to detect any irregularities, outliers, or concerning areas of your AUDITORY health.

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