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With the continuation of having to wear masks in public spaces, it may be increasingly uncomfortable or difficult for individuals with behind-the-ear hearing aids to take face masks on and off. One of the biggest challenges noted is the increased risk of losing a hearing aid or damaging equipment near the tubing or wire. We know these difficulties can be frustrating so we have a couple of tips that can help make wearing hearing aids and face masks simultaneously an easier experience.


Pull hair back into a bun and wrap the ends of the elastics around your bun.


Create a “mask extender” out of fabric or ribbon about 4 inches long. Buttons sewn to either side allows for a place to put the elastic other than your ear and not near your hearing aid equipment.


Sew 2 large buttons that line up with each ear onto a soft headband, placing the buttons to line up with each ear. Looping the elastic around each button will take the strain off your ears and eliminate interference with your hearing aids.


Use strings or ribbons that tie in the back. There are Youtube videos on creating masks that tie, which puts absolutely no pressure on the ears and eliminate interference with behind-the-ear hearing aids.

When removing your mask, no matter if the elastics are behind your ears or in a way mentioned above, always check to make sure your hearing aids are still in place as they may come off with mask removal. Another great tip is to check and see if your hearing aid is compatible with a smartphone. If so, it would be beneficial to set up the capability to help detect a missing hearing aid in case that occurs.

If you have questions or concerns about your hearing equipment and wearing a mask, please contact our office. Our team is happy to help answer any questions or concerns you might have during this time.


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