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Calling all hunters, recreational shooters, and more; hunting season is here! We know every year you prepare for the season by applying for your license, cleaning up your gear, and scouting new places with your friends, but when was the last time you purchased hearing protection for an upcoming hunting trip? You might know all the gun-safety information, but let’s take a look at why it’s important to be aware of your hearing safety as well. 

Firearm Noise Levels

If you’re only firing one or two shots spread out across a long time, the noise from the shots can’t cause that much damage, right? Wrong. One shot of a typical deer rifle can produce noise above 165 decibels (dB). That’s louder than standing near a siren, fireworks, or train. That’s loud enough to cause hearing loss from just a one-time exposure. 

Hunter’s Ear

Hunter’s ear, also referred to as “shooter’s ear,” is a type of asymmetrical hearing loss, that is, one ear has greater hearing loss than the other. This damage can increase over time with repeated exposure to the loud noise of a gun firing near an ear. 

Necessary Protection

To best care for your hearing health, protection is necessary during all forms of shooting activities, whether you’re the shooter or not. Say you’re in a group and you’re not shooting your firearm, but those around you are, the noise levels from those guns are still just as loud and can pose just as severe damage over time. There are many different styles and types of hearing protection you can wear to help eliminate the abrasive exposure to loud noises while hunting. 

Here at Center for Hearing, we believe in helping each person find his or her best fit for hearing protection. If you have questions or concerns when it comes to your protective gear or concerns about your hearing from prolonged exposure to firearms, contact our office today. 


Have a safe and hearing-healthy hunting season! 


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