How to Enjoy a Summer Party with Hearing Loss

Summer parties and outdoor get-togethers can be a lot of fun, but if you suffer from hearing loss, they can also be challenging and frustrating. Healthy Hearing’s article “How to Enjoy a Summer Party with Hearing Loss” lists seven ways you can get the most out of those fun under-the-sun gatherings with family and friends.

1.     Find the perfect spot: Sit in a well-lit, quiet place (away from fans, speakers, etc.) with your back to the sun so you can easily lipread without a glare.

*If the sun or noise invades your once-perfect spot, find a new one.

2.      Come prepared: Bring ear protection, and when there are loud outdoor noises, move far away from the noise, remove your hearing aids, or go inside.

3.     Move around: Outdoor parties give you the freedom to move around so you can hear and engage in all the conversations you want!

*If one person or group is especially hard to hear, move on to another group.

4.     Use technology: Find which hearing aid settings work best outside. Try using new technologies such as personal FM systems or other communication devices.

5.     Give yourself a break: Excuse yourself for a few minutes of alone time to give your ears and brain a rest.

6.     Stop pretending: Don’t want to ask “what?” again? Instead of doing the smile-and-nod, show you’re having trouble hearing by giving visual clues, such as cupping your ear.

7.     Don’t sweat it!: Don’t be afraid when miscommunication happens- just laugh it off!

Hearing loss does not have to keep you from having a good time at your upcoming family picnic, BBQ, or summer party. Use these tips to make your next summer get-together the best one yet!