Hearing Protection for Hunters

Hunting season is a much-anticipated time for some. Now that it’s here, hunters are eager to start the season with a bang. But gunshots can result in hearing damage without the proper protection.

Dr. Linton, who is a hunter herself, and all the doctors at Center for Hearing recommend that hunters use SoundGear protection products.

“Hearing damage can occur with exposure to sounds 90dB and up — yet a typical gunshot generates 140dB of sound. SoundGear electronic hearing protection provides proven, effective noise reduction during each gun blast and superior environmental monitoring between every shot.”

Benefits of SoundGear:

  • Effective protection: Depending on the model, devices deliver a Noise Reduction Rating of 24-26dB
  • Hear your surroundings: Devices provide 100% digital sound enhancement designed to deliver superior environmental monitoring between gun shots
  • Better than earmuffs: Unlike most earmuffs that are bulky and reduce all sounds, SoundGear devices are small enough to fit in your pocket and are designed to protect your hearing from gun blasts while simultaneously enhancing environmental awareness

SoundGear Products:

  • Instant Fit Electronic: The smallest and lightest on the market, and rests discreetly inside the wearer’s ear to deliver natural wind reduction and superior 100% digital sound quality.
  • Custom Fit Electronic: Custom molded to each wearer’s ear, and features the most advanced 100% digital electronic hearing protection and enhancement technology on the market.
  • Behind-the-Ear Electronic: For the customer looking for the classic look and feel of a Behind-The-Ear product, a great solution for just about any recreational hunter or shooter.

Both the Custom Fit Electronic and Behind-the-Ear Electronic devices are available in two technology levels- platinum and silver. Platinum is for the more avid hunter or professional shooter and comes with four distinct memory modes, while Silver, although just as effective, is for those who may not shoot as often, and comes with one memory mode.

SoundGear also offers custom earplug solutions and accessories.

Before your next hunting trip, make an appointment with us. We would be happy to talk with you about the SoundGear products we offer, and help you find and order the right product for you.